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John Farro Esq

John H. Faro, Esq.

I am a registered patent attorney with experience in sophisticated patent practice (both patent solicitation & contested matters) & Inter Partes proceedings for diverse & complex technologies, and litigation in Federal Court (in intellectual property disputes)

Scope of Representation

I am available for a permanent or part-time relationship, or as an independent contractor, for intellectual property counseling, requiring tactical, technical and legal competence.During my practice as a corporate attorney, and in private practice, I have authored numerous opinions (infringement & validity), that have been disruptive of entrenched commercial technologies, in photocopier (xerographic) systems, immuno-diagnostics test kits & instrumentation and clinical chemistry test kits/protocols, for analysis of biologic specimens.

My current practice focus is in the representation of individuals and companies (large and small) (in the U.S. and internationally), in the preparation of patent applications, patent application examination and patent appeals. I am also experienced in the representation of clients in Reexamination proceedings, and in contested matters Inter Parties Review, before the Patent Office.

I have and continue to support litigation counsel in due diligence reviews, infringement & validity studies and in discovery. I have and continue to assist SEC counsel in the preparation of private placement offerings and IPO filings for solicitation investor funds..

Frequently Asked Questions

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A utility patent is granted to an inventor for a new and useful process, machine, article of manufacture, or composition of matter. A design patent, (also a “picture patent”) on the other hand, is granted for a new, original, and ornamental design for an article of manufacture. It is an enforceable franchise, and can provide exclusive protection to an inventor.

A provisional patent application is a type of patent filing that allows an inventor to reserve a priority date for the date of filing for a utility patent application filed in the future. It does not provide any protection for your invention.

I will only file a Provisional Application to avoid a “time bar”and preservation of a priority filing date tor Utility Application (to be filed in the future). Time and money always better invested on a Utility Application.

NO! A layman cannot prepare and file a patent application without competent professional assistance. Both the content, organization and emphasis of the patent application, require professional experience and perspective.

The USPTO DYI encouragement to prepare and file your own application is misleading. A credible work product requires the investment of professional time to prepare. There is no substitute for competence & experience .

The key to consulting with Legal & Patent Counsel expenses requires the inventor-client to focus the preferred concept/embodiment of the invention in preparation for the initial consultation. Focus on what you need NOW, and be selective on the most cost effective choice for accomplishing this initial objective or milestone.

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